Welcome to Katz Orange

A place that feels like a second home.

The Katz Orange harmonizes attention to detail with an eye for the essentials. The restaurant and bar combine sustainability and gastronomy out of love for good food and wine, but above all out of respect for life and people.

Stylishly furnished room on the ground floor of a Berlin restaurant with rustic brick walls, neon 'More Light' lettering, set tables and cosy seating areas.
Obenansicht eines Tabletts mit einer Vielfalt von kulinarischen Delikatessen


The inspiration for our cuisine - and our bar - begins on our doorstep and ends in far-flung corners of the world.

As a pioneer of the farm-to-table movement in Germany, we are serving upscale comfort food based on local ingredients and seasonal availability.

We have been working closely with the majority of our suppliers for over 10 years and maintain a relationship based on mutual support and reciprocity.


One of the defining characteristics of Katz Orange's culinary world is the close-knit relationship between kitchen, bar and wine. 

The combination of dishes with diverse drinks and wines, the reinterpretation of classics in a contemporary way through curated menus make our restaurant so special. 

Because community and togetherness are so deeply rooted in our philosophy, our dishes are perfect for sharing and for large family feasts.